Join Meeting taking 20-30 seconds waiting time

I have a scenario in my application where users can connect over the meeting. In my case when a customer makes a call, The meeting is created using API and shared between the host and the participant. The Host will receive the notification to start the meeting and meanwhile, the participant will have a custom waiting screen.
Once the meeting is started the participant is stuck at the waiting screen for 20-30 seconds and then gets into the meeting.

So my question is, is this the expected behavior? or do I have to take care of any settings?

can you suggest something as the time duration is too long?

Which Android Client SDK version?


Joining the meeting should only take a few seconds. if you are experiencing 20-30 second wait times then it sounds like a bug within your application, or possibly poor connectivity to the data centre. Are you able to provide any application logs or graphs?


Hi @alexmayo,

I have configured the same way which is explained in the documentation. It might be the connectivity issue. But I am sure there is no bug related to joining the meeting.

does it require any special settings?

No special settings, are you able to access a network log, so you can see how long the requests are taking?

where can i see the network log?

Hi @jn1, thanks for the post (and thank you @alexmayo for continuing to help other members of the Zoom developer community! :blue_heart: )

I agree with the previous responses that this would most likely be caused be a networking issue or bug within your application. There are various methods and applications through which you can view the network traffic on your device via proxy.

Additionally, if you want to rule out the possibility of a bug within your application, you can try calling the join/start meeting method directly and see if a similar delay is observed. If there is a delay, it is worth investigating the network you are using further.


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If you use Android Studio, you can use the built-in network profiler :slight_smile:


@alexmayo and @jon.lieblich here is our observation when I first start meeting and then someone joins the meeting it immediately gets joined and in the reverse case it takes time like 20-30 sec.

@alexmayo, I have checked the network log, it takes the 20 seconds on the custom waiting screen.

Could you post some screenshots of the network log and times?

I am not able to capture the network log as zoom is third-party library. I can only see the network request graph.

hi @jn1 Did the participant join the meeting before the host started the meeting? If so, when the host starts the meeting, it is normal for the participants to wait for 20-30s to enter the meeting.

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Yes, participants join the meeting before the host. is there any solution for this scenario to reduce the time?

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Hi @jn1,

The join before host functionality is controlled by your Zoom account rather than the SDK. For more information, please see the support article on this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:


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