Host_email field in recording.completed event


I’m testing the Webhook request for completed recording events and realized that there’s a field called host_email that is not referenced on the documentation payload example.

This is what I receive from Zoom for such event (see host_email on last line):

    "event": "recording.completed",
        "account_id": "my-account-id",
            "uuid": "fdasfadsfadsfasdf==",
            "id": 43242332,
            "account_id": "my-account-id",
            "host_id": "fdsafdsafasdfa",
            "topic": "Admin's Personal Meeting Room",
            "type": 4,
            "start_time": "2019-05-30T15:43:59Z",
            "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
            "host_email": "",

Should I treat host_email as always provided? or should I implement code to retrieve it in case it’s not part of the payload?


@ZoomAdmin ,

Thanks for pointing this out. I will consult with our documentation engineers, as to why this field was not mentioned in the documentation.

I will update this thread once we make update the Event in our documentation.


Hi @ojus.zoom,

Have you heard anything from the documentation engineers?


Hi @ZoomAdmin,

Our documentation has been updated with the host_email field.


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Hi Ojus,

It looks like they updated the JSON Format, but not the Schema or Example:
image image image

Could you please have them update the Schema and Example?


Hi @j.herman,

Yes, I will immediately file an issue within our system, and have this updated as early as possible. Thank you for bringing this to our notice.