Received Undocumented Timezone Format in Recording Completed Webhook

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Recording.completed webhook event

Hello, I maintain a Zoom App that uses the recording.completed webhook event. Today we received an event containing a timezone value (“GMT+8:00”) that differed from the documented timezone formats listed here. Is this behavior expected? If so, is there documentation that covers this expanded range of timezones?


    "payload": {
        "account_id": [REDACTED],
        "object": {
            "uuid": [REDACTED],
            "id": [REDACTED],
            "account_id": [REDACTED],
            "host_id": [REDACTED],
            "topic": [REDACTED],
            "type": 4,
            "start_time": "2022-08-09T15:04:21Z",
            "timezone": "GMT+8:00",
            "host_email": [REDACTED],
            "duration": 0,
            "total_size": 257767,
            "recording_count": 1,
            "share_url": [REDACTED],
            "recording_files": [REDACTED],
            "password": [REDACTED],
            "on_prem": false
    "event_ts": 1660059644686,
    "event": "recording.completed",
    "download_token": [REDACTED]