Host multiple concurrent 1-1 chats without user registration

Hi, I need to make an webapp that connects a tutor with a student. Under this app, I will have a pro account that creates a zoom link for a scheduled meeting and sends that link to both the user and the tutor via email. They don’t need to be registered to enter the chat and its duration should be fixed (say 50 minutes). It should also be possible that the host (in this case I think my pro account) could host several concurrent parallel meetings as 2 different tutors may be chatting with 2 different students.
I made a new JWT app and tried without much success. Also, I found this Create meeting link for everyone that may sink my idea. So is this idea even possible with Zoom?


Thank you for reaching out to Zoom. We have received your request and will be responding to you shortly.


Hi @franco,

You can update the status of your meeting via this API:

Once it is updated, you can start a new meeting through the create meeting api.

Please note that, you can host only a single meeting at one time

Here is another approach you can try:

You need to use the API plan, then utilize multiple custCreate users in this API:

custCreate user 1 will host one meeting
custCreate user 2 will host second meeting

custCreate user n will host nth meeting
custCreate user n+1 will be alternative host to all custCreate users {1 … n} so that this user has the ability to host any of these created meetings

Let me know if this helps.