How can I allow several users of our platform have simultaneous meetings

Hi! We have a platform in which users can talk about jobs and hire/be hired, and currently they can talk in our platform, but I would like to integrate with Zoom so they can have video calls and other benefits. They shouldn’t need to create Zoom accounts.

Initially I created the app (in the marketplace), and in our code I generate a JWT token based on the credentials to create a meeting. We define the meeting as reccurring with no fixed time, and the participants can join before the host (because the host will never join).

We create the meetings associated with our user, but unfortunately only 1 meeting can be held at a time. Is there a way to increase the rate-limit to create meetings to about 10.000 per day and simultaneous meetings to about 1.000 for the user associated with the account? I looked at the paid plans and found nothing about it.

If that is not possible (even in paid plans) the only option I see is to create users with the custCreate option, so I was thinking of creating 1 user for each “talk” (associated with a chatroom) that the users start. Unfortunately, it seems that there’s a hard limit of 9.999 users per account.

In the last 30 days we had more than 130.000 new chatrooms. Even if in only 10% of the chatrooms a user created a meeting, it would still exceed the limit.

Is there some way to integrate Zoom to our platform attending to our use case (even if we need to pay for a plan, at a reasonable price)?


Hi @lucas99 ,

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what is possible re: your usecase:,or%20by%20an%20alternative%20host.

Let me know if you have additional questions or require further clarification!


I had already seen that FAQ page. Unfortunately, that will not satisfy our use case. We need to be able to host dozens (even hundreds) of meetings at the same time.

Hi @lucas99 ,

If you’d like to host that many meetings, you will need the appropriate licensing for all the hosts. You can connect with the sales team on the amount best for your needs.

Thank you,

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Ok, thanks, I will try to contact them.

Hi, @gianni.zoom, I have tried contacting Zoom both using the email as well as filling the ISV form (Zoom - ISV Partner Self-Evaluation Form) and the sales team contact form ( to no avail.

The email said to use the forum (I assume that it’s because it’s about development), and the sales team form seemed to make a Zoom team staff (email ending with to contact me asking some questions. I answered but I have received no response until today (more than 1 month later). I have looked and there’s nothing in the spam folder too.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can proceed?

Hi @lucas99,

Have you followed up with the contact? The sales team is the best for this and I’m sure the gap in response was unintentional. Can you let me know if you don’t hear back from them after sending a follow up email by the end of the week?

Thanks so much,

Hi @gianni.zoom, they’ve contacted me on 2022-04-25 asking some questions and I’ve sent an email answering the questions in the same day. Seeing no return on their part, I sent another email on 2022-05-09 to the email that they contacted me (asking the question), but still no response…

Is there an email specific of the sales team? I will try to send another email to the email from which they contacted me (seems to be an email specific to a zoom staff member), but I haven’t much hope that I will have a response.

@lucas99 just messaged you!

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