How can i get passcode of instant zoom meeting in android SDK?

How can i get passcode of instant zoom meeting?


Hi @sheikhhamzah095, thanks for using our SDK.

There are a couple of different approaches to obtaining the meeting ID and passcode of a meeting after joining it. To do it programmatically (after joining the meeting):

  • Get meeting ID: ZoomSDK.getInstance().inMeetingService.getCurrentMeetingID();
  • Get meeting passcode: ZoomSDK.getInstance().inMeetingService.getMeetingPassword();

Alternatively, you may click on the top bar to view the meeting details, which includes the ID, passcode, and join URL.


hi I want meeting id and password but when I use ZoomSDK.getInstance().inMeetingService.getCurrentMeetingID(); I get null string.

version- v5.5.1.1319

Hi @studykube,

In order to retrieve the current meeting ID, you must already be in an active meeting. Can you confirm whether or not this is the case when you are calling this method?


How can i get instant meeting id and password if isCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled is false ?

Hi @vikas3jadhav, thanks for using the dev forum.

The methods mentioned in this reply should work regardless of whether or not you are using custom UI. :slightly_smiling_face: