How can I know when my JWT token will expire?

I have JWT app that is used for Azure AD connector integration.
I was told the JWT app will be deprecated on June 1, 2023.
How can I know when the current JWT token that was created for my Azure AD connector app expires?

Hi @wibbleman , you can check the app credentials page for your JWT app. It will say when your current token expires.

Alternatively, you can decode your JWT programmatically yourself or use something like to determine the expiration.

The expiration time for a JWT token depends on how it was configured by the developer who created the JWT app. Typically, JWT tokens have an expiration time that is specified in the “exp” (expiration) claim of the token.

To determine the expiration time of the current JWT token that was created for your Azure AD connector app, you can decode the token and check the value of the “exp” claim. There are various online JWT decoding tools available that you can use to decode the token, such as or

Once you have decoded the token and obtained the expiration time, you can check if the token will still be valid beyond the deprecation date of June 1, 2023. If the token will expire before that date, you will need to obtain a new token before the deprecation date to avoid any disruption to your Azure AD connector integration.

You should also reach out to the developer of the JWT app to confirm if they have any plans to update the app to use a different authentication method before the deprecation date.

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