What token should I use for Azure AD connector after JWT token deprecated?

I am going to use Azure AD to provision Zoom users. The step-by-step docs I can find still uses JWT token but Zoom is going to deprecate it next year.
which token should I use for my Azure AD connector? Server_to_server oauth token’s live time is only 1 hour which cannot be used here(Azure AD connector only accepts token, not client_ID and client_secret).

Thank you.

Hi @wibbleman , JWT app types will be deprecated, but not JWTs themselves. JWTs are and will continue to be used with certain Zoom developer products like our Web SDK.

This is NOT officially supported by Zoom nor can I recommend this, but if this is something you want to test/play around with since JWTs can be used as OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens below are some more thoughts. Understand that I have also not used Azure AD, and I recommend reaching out to them for additional support:

  1. Create a Server-to-Server App
  2. Use the account credentials (account id, client id and secret) to generate a JWT key leveraging the the JWT auth doc and SDK JWT doc as inspo
  3. If you construct a valid bearer token that fits with Azure AD, this could be an approach to use until they release an officially supported method

Hope that helps!


Thank you Gianni. Yes you are correct, I re-read the link below and Zoom didn’t say they will deprecate JWTs but only JWT app

In this cases, we can compose JWTs by ourselves since we can get API_Key & API_secret from Server_to_server App.

Thanks again

Okay great! Please update here if it works.