Record gallery view does not working

I’m using video sdk account
My account setting:

I create zoom session using video sdk (web)
Another person join the session. They also use web
I turn on my camera and talk with him. He didn’t turn on his camera
After the session ended, I checked the recording. It is not gallery view but it show only active speaker.
If 2 people turn the camera on the recording is gallery view. The problem happend when 1 turn on and 1 dont

The video screen is: video-single.tsx
Video Web SDK: 1.4.0

Hey there,
I was about to say the same I have record the videos about my website [dry needling in Athens](https:// www.proformancetherapyandwellness. com/dry-needling.html) but it does not work in gallery. I have been facing issue on videos that I have been record for my website. Need help regarding this. How can I recover this issue.

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