How can we turn on the 'Suppress persistent background noise' on the participant's end using Zoom Meeting SDK (Web) programmatically?

Can we programmatically enable ‘Suppress persistent background noise’ for all the participants in the meeting? We currently use the Meeting web SDK to open a Zoom meeting within our domain for delivering online educational classes.

We are encountering background noises whenever the participant unmute and speak which hamper the overall experience of the class to everyone. I have come across the ‘Suppress persistent background noise’ on Zoom that tackles the same problem. Except that it is on the participant’s end. I could not find any resources where we can programmatically switch suppress background noise feature to Medium/High on the participant’s end.

Kindly help with this. Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the Developer Forum. Currently, there is no mechanism to suppress persistent background noise’ for all the participants in the meeting programmatically. However, from the Client view, you can programmatically Mute users :

This feature is also available for the Component View as well :

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