How display webinar in iframe?

I’m Gabriel.
I’m trying to show a webinar via iframe but it says that the user’s email is mandatory.
How to solve this?

Here is the code used:
<iframe style = "border: none; height: 600px; width: 100%;" src = " {{$ $ webinar_id}} / join? prefer = 1 & un = {{base64_encode ({{$ student_name)}})" sandbox = "allow-forms allow-scripts allow- same-origin "allow =" microphone; camera "> </iframe>

Hey @gabriel.moraes, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Please see my post here:


We have been trying to embed our Zoom Webinar in and iFrame, and are coming across that Zoom is letting 3 people join through the iFrame in our website, but then the 4th person it pushes to the zoom website and launched the meeting on Zoom instead of our website…is there a fix for this

Hi @FLMurphy,

Can you DM us the meeting ID & a screenshot of what you see so that we can take a closer look? To clarify, everyone else joins the webinar through your website except the 4+ person who tries correct?