Zoom IFRAME asking for Webinar Password even though i'm using the full URL at SRC (with username, password, webinar ID)

Hello Zoom,

I’m embedding an iframe with my webinar SRC at my PHP page, at this page, i already have the logged user email and name at my application, as well, i already have the zoom webinar ID and the correct password hash.

And this is my embed SRC code:

iframe src=“https://{DOMAIN}.zoom.us/wc/join/{WEBINAR-ID}?pwd={WEBINAR-PASS}&un={NAME-ENCODED}” allow=“microphone; camera; fullscreen” sandbox=“allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin”

The ‘Webinar’ is correctly being shown BUT it’s ALWAYS asks for users email and the webinar password.

How should i correct this to do not ask for the webinar password anymore?

Hey @rcbernardino,
Unfortunately embedding the Zoom Web Client into an iFrame is not supported.

To embed Zoom meetings or webinars into your website, please use our Web SDK. :slight_smile:


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