How do I change which account zoom meetings are being created using JWT

I created JWT credentials and it was under my personal account. I have a support account (it is an admin account) and that’s the account I want all the zoom meetings in the support account and not my account.

How do I make the JWT credentials to create zoom meetings in a different account.

I tried logging in to the Developer section as the support account, deactivating the JWT and then reactivating it but that didn’t work.

Hi @socialtenacity,

Good question. To clarify, you can only have 1 JWT app per account. If you wish to use a separate account, you will need to create the JWT app under that account.

However, if you have two users under 1 account (1 basic user, and 1 admin user, but both under the same parent account, for instance), you can use the existing JWT app as it’s admin level and tied to the account as a whole.

Let me know if this helps to clarify, or if you still have questions about this. Happy to help. :slight_smile:


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