How do I debug AEC Echo Cancellation? It's not working on web client

I am a developer for ChromiumOS. Recently, we have customers reported that on newer CrOS R116. Using Web Client Zoom on Chrome web browser. The AEC (Echo cancellation) is not working at all. We’ve tested that on CrOS R104 AEC works and CrOS R116 doesn’t. And on R116, other video conferencing web clients like Teams and Google Meet’s echo cancellation do perform nicely.

There’s only limited information on how Zoom implement AEC. Does anyone know how AEC is implemented in Zoom Web Client? So this can help us further debug this problem. Or is there any flags or logs we can check to see if AEC is working?


Hey @EdwardLai

Thanks for your feedback.

We have contacted Google’s engineers, and they mentioned that this is a bug caused by the default configuration of DeviceChromeVariations on ChromeOS 116. It has been fixed in version 117.

However, you can also modify the default behavior of AEC through chrome://flags.


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Hi @vic.yang,

I really appreciate your help and fast response! We’ve just validated the chrome://flags approach. And it works! It surely fixes the AEC problem on Zoom. This saved us a lot of time debugging. Thanks for the help!

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