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Hello, we embedded zoom api into our web-page. However quality of video is very weak and no audio. We do not see any error in Log window, everything seems stable. Can u please help with this?

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I am facing the same issue

@midhilaj.m @procrackerone,

Which version are you on? If you’re not on our latest version of the Web SDK (1.9.0), please upgrade. We’ve made enhancements in our latest version.

Let me know if you still see issues after upgrading.


Hi Will,

Yes, we have the new updated version ( 1.9.0 )
Unfortunately, the problem continues

Hi @procrackerone,

Can you share some example meeting IDs where you faced the audio issues?


Hi Will,

Sure, last metting Id 81650069244

Hi @procrackerone,

Thanks for sharing this. In checking the last few instances of this Meeting ID, I’m not immediately seeing any issue. Can you share some more details so that I can further investigate?

  • Browser and version where you experienced the audio issues
  • Any browser console errors you may have seen during this time
  • Approximate date/time when you encountered the audio issues
  • Did the meeting have any special settings applied from the Zoom Client (such as high fidelity mode?)

Let me know when you have a chance. Thank you!

Hi Will,

1-Google Chrome 88.0.4324.150
2-We do not see any error in browser console, all looks as it should be. Eventhough we do not receive any error from browser logs, we have problem in video call such as "frozen screen, no audio
3-08.02.2021 olacak. 3- 08.02.2021 GMT+3
4-No special setting applied. Last version of WEB SDK 1.9.0 was downloaded through github and integrate it.


Hi @procrackerone,

Thanks for confirming these details. I’ve shared these details with our Engineering team for further investigation. (CS-3026)


We have been told that the problem is directed to your engineers. When can we expect to receive the answer?

Besides, we have been using Zoom through CDN, could it be the reason?
Is it better to take it to local and work with script files? Would we have the same problem?


Hey @procrackerone,

Our development team is still investigating this issue but we don’t have a timeline as to when they’ll have an answer just yet.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here when we have more information from them.


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