How do I GET reserved numbers with API call?

**Topic - Reserved numbers ? **

Please see the attached screenshot. With the API /phone/numbers I can get assigned, unassigned and BYOC numbers.
The ported Numbers I’ll grab from the API /phone/ported_numbers/orders.
The Cloud and Carrier Peering Numbers I can get from the APIs /phone/peering/numbers and /phone/carrier_peering/numbers.

Where do I GET the reserved numbers?

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Hi Everbody. Is here anybody who can help or answer to my question?

Hi @dennis.raulien
Sorry for the late reply here!
I am looking into our Docs and I do not see any way to retrieve this information
Let me double check this internally and will get back to you

Thanks Elisa.

that will be helpful if these information can be retrieve anyway.
I have some customers for whom this is an open topic and i need to come up with any solution on this.

many thanks for further assistance and internally checking.

Of course, @dennis.raulien
I am looking into this and will update you as soon as I have more information

Hi @elisa.zoom any updates on this?

Hi @dennis.raulien
Unfortunately, I do not have an update for you. But I will engage with the right team about this.
In the meantime, I have created a feature request on your behalf to add the “reserved” value to the List phone numbers endpoint
(ZOOM-643084 internal ticket number for reference)

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Thanks @elisa.zoom
That is a great idea. Do I have also the opportunity to open feature requests or to follow that single request?

You can create feature request via DevForum here:

And we will open them on your behalf.
About the specific request I made, we can updated you via this thread about the same.

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