How do I invite users to a meeting using SDK


I am trying to build an ios app that creates a zoom meeting at the click of a button and invites two users. I have used the ios sdk to create a meeting but once It is created there is no option to invite users. I would like to have the invites be sent in the background.

Which version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Ipad 7th generation
  • OS: 13.1.3

Hi bmemmen,

Thanks for using the Zoom SDK. Since the way of invitation is different on different applications, so the actual invite process is handled by the developer, we provide the necessary information for the invite, for example, in iOS SDK, you may find the information here:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

 Thank you for responding so quickly. How could I make inviting users just like how it is in the native zoom client? I would like it to ring on the clients end.


Hi bmemmen,

As mentioned above, that part needs to be handled by the developer. One possible solution might be: Once the host invites someone, collect the meeting info from SDK, send it your backend or to the invited user; On the invited user’s site, have a listener that listens to the invitation, once received the meeting info, show it to the user and ring the call.

Please note that the above steps would just provide a similar user experience as you are inviting others on the Zoom client. It won’t allow you to invite your Zoom contact directly like the Zoom client since our SDK does not have the access to your contact list.

Hope this help. Thanks!

Hi!. That thing you mentioned about the SDK having no access to the contact’s list is a permanent thing? or you are going to implement it? Because the app I’m working on relies on the idea that the contact getting called doesn’t have to install a new App to getting called, that’s why that functionality (available in Zoom App) would be very useful for both developers and Zoom, because the contact still have to install the app. Thanks for your time

Hi @zsamora,

Thanks for the reply. Which contact list are you referring to? If you are referring to the contact list of the Zoom account, SDK cannot access to the contact list. If you would like to get the contact list, you may use the Zoom API:; If you are referring to the device’s contact list, that is not controlled by the SDK.


Yes, contact list of the Zoom Account. Ok, I thought about going that way to obtain the contacts list, but I still can’t figure out how to invite that person (by id or whatever) to a meeting and being able to get a push notification as in the Zoom App (that item that is “Invite Zoom Contacts”). Thanks for your time!

Hi @zsamora.

The feature you are mentioning is a Zoom IM feature. Zoom Client SDK is a meeting SDK so it only includes the core meeting features.