Invalid access token with endpoint /v2/accounts/{userid}/meetings

I’ve a trial period of 7 days to test Zoom Meeting and our Plateform Moodle.
I created a JWT app on
I generate access token in my script PHP.
When I use endpoint /v2/users/me/meetings, it’s run successfuly and I can listing of meetings and download recordings for me (owner).

But when I want to use the endpoint master API, I get an error :
Unauthorized response: {“code”:124,“message”:“Invalid access token.”}

I’ve a master account.
I obtained account_id with this endpoint /v2/users/{userid}

I contacted support and Customer Advisor but no result.

Can you help me ?

Bests regards.


Hi @lamaisondessavoirs,

In order to use our Master APIs, you will need to ensure your account has been enabled for use. To confirm this, you can reach out directly to


Hey @will.zoom ill

Thanks for your response.

I contacted parters success and they’re confirm that my account master is enabled.
I contacted support, CS Advisor and Partner success but my problem persist.

Can you help me to run endpoint /v2/accounts ?
I want use the master account API to obtain all recordings for all user and admin user to add user in a user’s group for example.

bests regards

Hi @lamaisondessavoirs,

Thanks for confirming.

Can you ensure that you’re using JWT credentials from the Master Account to authorize your API requests?

If so and you’re still seeing an error, can you please share the exact request URL and credentials you’re using when you run into the error? You can send this to us at and reference this thread.


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