How do I stop the Video SDK from automatically disconnecting my devices/audio?

I’ve noticed some unexpected behavior while using the Web Video SDK I was hoping to either be able to disable, or at least get more insight on -

  1. When attempting to use the OBS Virtual Camera as my video device, it works briefly, then the Video SDK turns my camera off. Why is it doing this, and can I get it to stop?

  2. I’ve noticed if I turn my microphone system volume all the way down (using MacOS Ventura 13.2.1, with Chrome), the Video SDK will stop my audio, and I was able to figure out it was leaving the session audio by subscribing to the “current-audio-change” listener, where it would give me {action: 'leave', source: 'audio stream is ended by system'} as the payload. How can I stop this from happening? I want to be able to change my system volume settings without losing my audio connection to the zoom session.

Hey @wbugenis

Thanks for your feedback.

In recent versions, we have added listeners for the onended and onmute events of audio/video tracks. When a track stream ends, usually audio/video cannot automatically resume, so we stop the current audio/video. However, there are some exceptional cases.

We will enhance this behavior in the upcoming release to address the issues you have encountered.


I see - thanks for the info! Looking forward to the changes in the upcoming releases, I’ll keep an eye on the changelogs.