How do the various recording preferences affect the transcript?

I know that we need to have Cloud Recording and Audio Transcript enabled for Zoom to create a meeting transcript. When you enable Cloud recording, it requires that you choose at least one of the following settings as well:

  1. Record active speaker with shared screen
  2. Record gallery view with shared screen
  3. Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately
  4. Record an audio only file
  5. Save chat messages from the meeting / webinar

My question is whether or not the option chosen will affect the content of the transcript we get? For instance, if I choose option 1, would the transcript only include the speaker? I’ve been testing with option 4 enabled, but I just realized this might be a factor I hadn’t considered…

The transcript includes all speakers, regardless of who is showing up on the screen and what recording options are selected.

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Thanks @samly for your answer! :slight_smile:

@ryan3 , let us know if you have additional questions!