How do we add an account to a created app?

Our administrator is trying to give myself and another account access to the developer portal so we can make changes to our company app. Are there any clear instructions available on how to do this?


So one option is to give both of the accounts the admin role. Or create a custom role with Admin access to the Marketplace.

More information on role management is here:

Regards, Kwaku

We added a custom role with admin access to the Marketplace and added the role to my user account, but the app is still not showing for me at App Marketplace. Is there a separate permission that we can use to allow this?

Hello @joel.pelton whats the name of the app I have a feeling it might not be on the same account or there might be a sub-account situation going here

Regards ,Kwaku

Mobile Text Alerts - SMS Reminders

Hello @joel.pelton please make sure the option for everyone on the account has the ability for everyone on the account to add it should be seen here in the screenshot below for the admin on the account.

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To clarify, we’re all able to add the app, just not able adjust the developer settings to manage the app listing. Approving the use of the app will give us developer access?

Hello @joel.pelton please check your DM.

Regards, Kwaku

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