Can't not assign developer role to an account user

We are trying to publish our oauth apps that we’ve created but before I submit it says we must assign developer roles to the user.

I’ve seen in other entries that we should have our admin go to Sign In | Zoom to add the developer role to the user. However, when our admin user tries to access that page we get an access restricted 200 response. The two images below show our admin user and the response from that page when trying to access it with that admin user.

Hi @bryan.hansen
Thanks for reaching out to us!
It looks like the Admin role under the account does not have role management permissions
My suggestion would be to ask the owner of the account to create a new role and assign it to the user who created the app (Developer role)

Sorry Elisa, we were able to resolve this. Thank you for your assistance.

Happy to hear that @bryan.hansen

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