How do you create multiple sessions using ZoomInstant.createClient() without having to leave a session?

I am working on integrating Zoom Video SDK into our web application. I follow the zoom documentation:

On, it shows that I can create a session using ZoomInstant.createClient() and leave a session using client.leave()

How many session I can create using .createClient()?

I tried to create multiple sessions using .createClient() using the code snippet below

const client1 = ZoomInstant.createClient();

const client2 = ZoomInstant.createClient();

const client3 = ZoomInstant.createClient();

All of those client1, client2, and client3 have the same confId and meeting numbers.

So, what is the proper way to create multiple sessions without a client to leave a session?
Is that possible to do that way?


Hi @joecodingjourney_1,

Thanks for sharing the issue you are experiencing.

In Zoom Video SDK, we designed the client created by .createClient() as a singleton. Avoid misuse of the .createClient() method to create multiple instances, which will lead to high CPU and memory usage. In the future release, we will consider adding methods to create multiple sessions.


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