Is it possible to start or join multiple sessions?

For our application we need more control over the video presentation than currently provided by SDK. As a workaround we are considering running multiple clients where each client will pin a certain speaker and output fullscreen video, these video streams are then routed to external video hardware for layout.

It would be useful if we could run multiple clients on one PC. However, when I try to run two SDK instances, each in a separate process, the second instance fails with SDKERR_OTHER_SDK_INSTANCE_RUNNING. This is a pretty big clue that multiple clients on one PC is not supported.

It also doesn’t look possible to start or join multiple meetings from one SDK instance.

Can you confirm?




Hi Bill,

currently Zoom SDK doesn’t support running two instances at same time.


Thanks for confirming. - Bill


Is there any plan to support this in future ?

Hi Rishi,

We don’t have a plan at this point.