How does a private app show in Zoom?

I want to publish a Zoom app with “private”.
I know that I sent “Publishable URL” for my clients, they can launch the Zoom app in a browser.
But, I really hope to be launched the Zoom app in “Zoom” like the market place apps.

Please tell me, a way to be shown private Zoom app in “Zoom”.

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Hi there,
I’m having the same issue, I cannot for the life of me understand how to get the oauth app I’m developing to show in the zoom client. All I can find in the documentation is that it needs to be oauth and I should be able to test it like it already came from te marketplace.

Thanks in advance

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Sidenote: the “Zoom Apps” name to refer to in-client apps is super-clean and nice, but my god it’s the worst when it comes to googling information about them. It overlaps with other app types and everything gets funnelled into the zoom app types page (JWT, OAUTH, Webhook, etc…)

Hi there,
Currently, Zoom application(I mean .exe) can only show “public app” in the app list.
Zoom staff says, it’s a bug but we have no plan to fix it.

So, if you want to do the integration test of your app, you submit your app.

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I see, thanks for the info

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