How to show a private OAuth app in Zoom's "My apps"?

I am developing a private OAuth app.
It works fine when I click “Install” button from App Marketplace.

But, I have to know that the OAuth app works fine on the Zoom.
Because, the app can record the audio using JavaScript API,
so I’d like to test on Zoom , It works correctly.

Please tell me, how to show a private app in Zoom’s “My app”.

Best regards,

Hi @Nobuhiro,

Can you clarify where the “My app” section is that you’re referring to?


Hi, staff.
Thanks for reply.

See the following images.

After installing AmiOathTestPrivate, I expect the app is shown in “My Apps”, but not.

How can I do for this?

Hi @Nobuhiro,

Thanks for clarifying!

The screen you’re referencing with “My Apps” is for a specific kind of app, a “Zoom App” — however, the app you’ve created under your account is an OAuth App. These do not appear in the “My Apps” section, by design.

It’s not currently possible to create your own “Zoom App”, but this is something we will be releasing soon!


Hi Staff,

Please tell me, if there is a “Zoom app” type that can be launched from Zoom, and can be test on the Zoom.

Otherwise, could you tell me when the “something” is released?

Hi @Nobuhiro,

Please see this post to stay up to date on this release:


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