How I can integrate Zoom Web SDK in my exist MVC C# application



I am using Javascript SDK for to make a video call communication. suppose this sample code application run on (http://localhost:9999/) node server and my application is run on IIS server so There is way I can make a video call inside my application using with out I frame




You can consider using the C# wrapper provided by Zoom.



Thanks Ojus
I have added C# wrapper DLL in my exist MVC Website using C#.
When i am going to call funtion ZOOM_SDK_DOTNET_WRAP.CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetAuthServiceWrap().Add_CB_onAuthenticationReturn(onAuthenticationReturn) i am getting this exception “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.AccessViolationException’ occurred in Unknown Module.
Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.”
Can you please help me how i can resolve this error? I am using WebApplication in MVC C#.


Hi @fivelakesportalsdd ,

Apologies for the delayed response. I am currently working on your issue, and we will respond to you shortly.




can you please provide more details on your issue, like code snippets, logs etc, so that we could troubleshoot this?