How is this kind of thing done?

I’m not sure where to ask this but can anybody give me some info on how could one build something like this based on Zoom.

Participants are shown on a screen like this, not in the application window:

Hope someone has ideas. Thanks in advance!

I don’t think they use Zoom. They probably receive single signals and mix them with a production video mixer. You can have similar results using NDI enabled software, like Skype. Take a look at what NDI is… You’ll discover a world of possibilities. :wink:

Hi. Thanks for the info. However, they do use Zoom since I participated one of their events and I used a Zoom client for that.

Hi, thanks for your reply. That’s very interesting.
What did you see on your zoom client? Did you receive 1 window with all the people inside (just like the picture you sent) or all the people in their window (3 windows) ?

In the first case you the broadcaster did 4 differents call and mixed them, otherwise they’ve probably captured different portions on the screen and mixed them with that new background (proof of concept: ).

I’m interested in it, so pls if you find some software that makes that with zoom can you please let us know here? thks!

Hey @gbtondo, @kadriko06,

I don’t think this is possible out of the box with Zoom. They are probably using some sort of custom solution like with our SDKs, or using a 3rd party broadcasting service.