Zoom App Security Review


We submitted our application for security review on the 6th of August after passing the functional test on the 4th of August. I want to understand when the security review would start. The functional reviewer informed us it should take 2 weeks but it’s now more than that.

We would really appreciate it if you could provide us with an expected time frame for when our app will be published. A lot of our testing is contingent on this and it is really slowing us down.


Hi @dheerajm3009
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Could you please share with me the name of your app so I can reach out to the Security team about the status of your application?

We finally got a revert from the Zoom security team after a wait of 23 days. They had some issues testing the functionalities of the app. We submitted the things which were required by them. Just wanted to know how will be review process goes now. Does the app again go in queue or reviewer respond to us sooner?

Hi @dheerajm3009
Thanks for reaching out back to me.
I believe they will reply shortly after you make updates and changes to your application that solve the issues they addressed.

Hello @elisa.zoom ,

It’s been one month since we submitted the app for security review. We are still awaiting a response. Can you please check the status and update us on this?

Hi @dheerajm3009
I have reached out to the Security team about the status of your application, I will come back with an update shortly.

Hello @elisa.zoom
Thank you for responding so quickly. Hoping to get an update soon.

Of course @dheerajm3009
I have heard back from them and they will respond to your email soon