How to access Zoom recordings with password using oauth?

We have an app which is not in public marketplace right now but we use it to import zoom meeting recordings of our clients on our platform. When we try to import videos which have a password on them, we are able to get to the download_url by hitting the <meetings/{meetingId}/recordings> end point but when we hit the download url using with the authorization token, we get Forbidden response.
The documentation only says on to use a JWT token for downloading the recording but how do we proceed if we have an Oauth app?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
the download url in /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings

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Your best bet is to register to receive the recording.completed webhook and use the download_token you are given in the webhook.

Zoom was supposed to ship a fix (on March 22) that would allow the normal OAuth token to be used to authenticate downloads but it got delayed. :frowning:


Hey @vishnu.raned,

Yes as @zoom-test said our release to give the ability for an OAuth app to download an password protected cloud recording has been delayed.

Currently you must use the download_token in the recording completed webhook, or a JWT Token.


Is there any estimate for when downloading a password protected cloud recording via OAuth app will be implemented?

Reviewing the options for webhook and JWT Token methods, it doesn’t look like these offer the same functionality. Specifically I need to be able to trigger a download:

  • Within a private subnet without the need for port forwarding or otherwise exposing the system to the internet
  • Select older recordings by date (not just being notified when a new recording is ready
  • Perform functions without user intervention

If this is possible with a webhook or JWT token please point me to documentation I can review. I’d rather not have a listening service running constantly on a public server.


Hey @JoshSTL,

We are working to have it available in the coming months.

Stay updated here:


Any update? We are trying to import password protected zoom recordings as well.

Hey @nathan.arora,

This is available now! :slight_smile:

Checkout my posts here for instructions:

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile: