How to play recordings after switching to OAuth 2.0

Hi Corneliu,

We switched to OAuth 2.0 from JWT authentication and are able to get our meeting recordings.

We need to play meeting recordings for training purposes, and previously we were doing that by accessing them like this: recording.download_url?access_token=BEARERTOKEN

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work anymore and the links are always asking for a password now. We tried replacing the BEARERTOKEN with the access token that we get from Zoom, however, that doesn’t work.

I can see that the API response returns a download_url, a play_url, and a recording_play_passcode, but I am struggling to find any documentation on how these should be used.

Can you please help me understand how to get a meeting recording URL so that we can play it in a player on our internal portal without being asked for a password?

Hope that makes sense.

Kind regards, Corneliu

Hi @corneliu9999999 ,

It sounds like you’re trying to play the recordings from a recording webhook?

Server-to-Server and OAuth 2.0 tokens are not supported for webhook download_url

For play_url and recording_play_passcode, see the following:

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Thanks Gianni,
I managed to use ‘play_url’ + ‘recording_play_passcode’ and it’s going to do it for now.


Okay great glad it’s resolved!

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