Unable to add meeting invitees through zoom rest api

i am creating a meeting by calling rest api and i am using following json structure

“topic”: “my meeting”,
“type”: 2,
“start_time”: “2023-07-26T14: 30: 00”,
“duration”: “45”,
“timezone”: “Europe/Madrid”,
“agenda”: “time zones”,
“recurrence”: {
“type”: 1,
“repeat_interval”: 1
“settings”: {
“meeting_invitees”: [
“email”: “xyz@gmail.com
“host_video”: “true”,
“participant_video”: “true”,
“join_before_host”: “False”,
“mute_upon_entry”: “False”,
“watermark”: “true”,
“audio”: “voip”,
“auto_recording”: “cloud”,
“private_meeting”: false,
“registrants_confirmation_email”: true,
“registrants_email_notification”: true,
“registration_type”: 1,
“show_share_button”: true,
“use_pmi”: false,
“waiting_room”: false,
“host_save_video_order”: true,
“alternative_host_update_polls”: true


meeting is created but the invitees are not added in the meeting, please tell me what wrong i am doing here

Hi @raghavendrasinghgoud
Thanks for reaching out to us.
This is expected, the meeting_invitee field is to be used with some integrations such as Google calendar.
What I suggest you can do is to enable registration to the meeting and add registrants to it by using our Post meeting registrants to the meeting:

In my application I want to host a meeting with adding multiple participants in it but users are not able to see meeting in their zoom accounts, i am using below attribute with post meeting request , meeting is created but none of the invitees is getting added.

“meeting_invitees”: [
“email”: “xyz@gmail.com
“email”: “abc@gmail.com

Hi @raghavendrasinghgoud
As I mentioned in the previous reply, the “meeting_invitees” field is only used by the Google integration, so it is expected that the participants are not added to the meeting.

If you want to add participants to your meeting, I would suggest you use the Add a Registrant

Hello @elisa.zoom ,
In our application we want to send zoom meeting invites as Raghavendra mentioned,
1. can you please provide the steps to “Add a Registrant.”

Also, I have another approach for as follows kindly share your thoughts on this.
We create a zoom meeting with the above Api and share the meeting URL and password by our Emails connectors, user can click on their mail ids to join it.
2. on this approach is it possible that organizer should be given a button with confidentiality that who can access the meeting, anyone, only company employee, etc.?

Thanks, and Regards

Hi @dhanushant
To add a registrant to your meetings, you would have to enable registration for the meeting, this can be done by setting up the approval_type in your meeting as 2 when creating the meeting and also enabling the registrant_confirmation_email and registrant_email_notification fields too.

Once the meeting is created you can programmatically add registrants to it, by using this endpoint:

About your approach, I do not understand what you mean by share the meeting url by email and users can clien on the email id to join the meeting? if you share the meeting url and password, anyone with this information will be able to join the meeting.