How to ask for an API rate limit increase of Add a webinar registrant

i want to increase the limit of add webinar registarant because i have application and i want each one join this app i can add him to the webinar

the problem you said that "daily limit exceeded "

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @alwassaq

Right now we are not increasing that API limit, it was recently introduce in a previous release, you can see that here:

This * $RateLimitValue — Maximum 3 requests per day (UTC) for the same registrant in the same webinar.

You can add as many registrants as you want but if you are trying to add the same person more than 3 times, then you will encounter this error. Is there a specific reason on why would you be adding the same registrant more than 3 times during the same day?


I’ve run into this rate limit a few times — sometimes during development, I’m testing or troubleshooting an interaction with adding myself as a registrant, either in our application logic or in the invitation emails that Zoom sends when a registrant is added, and I’m trying to avoid creating new webinars, which counts against a high-impact rate limit of 100 per day per host. I understand it’s a slippery slope trying to allow exceptions to these rate limits, so workarounds I’m considering include setting up plus addressing / extra subdomains with my email host or using an email forwarding service to make myself seem to be another email address to Zoom.

Hi @MultiplayerSession

Thanks for your input here, your workaround sound like a good option to implement, especially while testing or troubleshooting.


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