Webinar Rate Limit issue

We have to schedule a webinar for 2600 students in 5hours. We use zoom api add registrants to the webinar.

once we reach about 600 registrant requests the zoom api returns 429 daily limit error.

Current process is ,

  1. Create user with email

POST: /users
“action”: “create”,
“user_info”: {
“email”: “user@example.com”,
“type”: 1,
“first_name”: “Jill”,
“last_name”: “Chill”

  1. add the user to webinar

POST: /webinars/:webinarId/registrants
“email”: “user@example.com”,
“first_name”: “Jill”,
“last_name”: “Chill”

We run this process for each users without exceeding the 30 request per seconds. (/docs/api/rest/rate-limits/#rate-limits-by-account-type)

However the zoom api start to send 429 once we complete 600 registrants.
We need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please let us know if our current flow is wrong or not
Also we cannot perform batch registrations because creating users also get this rate limit and error and creating user api does not support batch upload.

as our webinars schedules in short notice we cannot use multiple days to register users under daily rate limit.

@gianni.zoom @shariq.torres why you cant response for this? 6 days im waiting

@rehema.zoom can you please response for this asap?

Hi @erasleeps ,

Can you please submit a support ticket labeling a bug?

In the ticket please include the following:

  • screen shot

  • recording reproducing behavior (you can record to Zoom and share link)

  • client id

  • dev email associated with credentials making API request

  • API response zm-tracking-id (found in the response headers)