How to assign User to Breakout session with the zoom-andoid-sdk?

I want to automatically assign users to breakout-rooms during a meeting (Not beofrehand, not with CSV-import).

When I use the Android-sdk demo app and add a listener, then the IBOAdmin is always null.

ZoomSDKInitializeListener listener = new ZoomSDKInitializeListener() {
    public void onZoomSDKInitializeResult(int errorCode, int internalErrorCode) {
        sdk.getInMeetingService().addListener(new InMeetingServiceAdapter() {
            public void onChatMessageReceived(InMeetingChatMessage inMeetingChatMessage) {
                IBOAdmin bOAdmin = sdk.getInMeetingService().getInMeetingBOController().getBOAdminHelper();

                // not working, bOAdmin is always null
                bOAdmin.assignNewUserToRunningBO("" + inMeetingChatMessage.getSenderUserId(), "Raum 1");
sdk.initialize(context, listener, params);

The exceptions says:

Attempt to invoke interface method 'boolean us.zoom.sdk.IBOAdmin.startBO()' on a null object reference
I tried to:

Start the zoom conference from within the app (as web hosting)
Join an existing zoom conference and being assigned as host
Join an existing zoom conference and being assigned as co-host
Join an existing zoom conference with enabled breakout-session and being assigned as co-host
How can I assign other users to breakout-sessions with the Zoom Android SDK?

Hi @apklub ,

Which version of the sample app are you using please? These are the most recent IBOAdmin methods I see available. The others referenced take me to a broken webpage when I click so I’m wondering if our docs here are outdated.


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