Breakout Room Creation

I had integrated the Zoom SDK , I was trying to implement the breakout feature in our customized UI. The issue happening is breakout rooms are not happening even though mBoController.isBOEnabled(); gives true all the time
this is my function i used

IBOCreator iboCreator = mBoController.getBOCreatorHelper();
if (iboCreator != null) {
String bId = iboCreator.createBO(boRoomName);
// List mList = new ArrayList<>();
// mAdapter = new BreakoutRoomsAdminActivity.BoListAdapter(this, mList, mBoController);

        IBOData iboData = mBoController.getBODataHelper();
        if (iboData != null) {
            IBOMeeting iboMeeting = iboData.getBOMeetingByID(bId);
            if (null != iboMeeting) {//userId, boId
                for (int i = 0; i < mStudentList.size(); i++) {
                    if (RTCUtilities.participantConnections.get(mStudentList.get(i).getUserID()+"") != null &&

// iboCreator.assignUserToBO(String.valueOf(RTCUtilities.participantConnections.get(mStudentList.get(i).getUserID()+"").getZoomUserId())
// , iboMeeting.getBoId());

                                , iboMeeting.getBoId());


Which version?

Hi @Akode07, thanks for using the dev forum.

Can you please provide some additional information about your use case so that I may better assist you? Based on your code snippet, it appears that you are trying to assign users to breakout rooms and nothing more. How are you verifying that this is not working? What is your expected behavior here?


yes my use case is that suppose lets say there are 10 students , i wrote a function to make them into groups of 2 randomly and then created a button and called the above code/function for that button.
so if i press that button it must directly create BO ROOMS and act accordingly but this was not happening.

My expected behavior is that it must create breakout rooms with that groups which i made automatically. But it isn’t happening such way

Hi @Akode07, thanks for clarifying.

Assigning attendees to a breakout room is only the first step of many for utilizing this feature. There are, in fact, many components required to implement the full breakout room functionality within your custom UI. We are working on improving our documentation of this feature, but in the meantime I would recommend checking out the implementation in our sample app to get a better idea of all of the components that are required.


Yes thanks for the quick info , But can you just let us know when could a proper documentation including breakout rooms feature be available for developers?

Hi @Akode07,

Unfortunately we do not have an exact timeline for when documentation will be published for this feature. I will be sure to bring this up with our documentation team and see if we can get a better idea of when this may be available.