Join the breakout room while the breakout room is going

Hi, everybody.
I am using the zoom SDK.

I am using the breakout room

  1. in the case that a person joins after the breakout rooms have started, how can he or she automatically enter the predefined break rooms without assigning

version SDK: Latest


Hi minhnguyenduc7792,

Thanks for the post. Are you using Zoom default UI or Custom UI? If you are using Zoom default UI, you may refer to the support doc here to pre-define members in breakout room:; There is no other way to do it at the moment.


@Carson_Chen thank for support me
I am using Custom UI
I want do this
init IBOCreator and use function iboCreator.assignUserToBO assigning members as soon as the member enters the main zoom (MyMeetingActivity - example Zoom SDK)

is this possible?


Hi minhnguyenduc7792,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, this is possible in the following way: On the host side, monitor the participant who joins the meeting, if the desired person joins the meeting, then assign to the breakout room. On the attendee side, once the attendee has been assigned to the breakout room, the corresponding listener will be triggered and then invite the user to the BO.

Hope this helps. Thanks!