How to avoid showing reclaim as host dialog for attendees

I’m using zoom android SDK version 5.11.3. When attendees join using “JoinMeetingOptions” but “Reclaim as host dialog is shown”. I am not using custom UI option.

  1. Is there any configuration to disable showing this dialog
  2. How to hide the name shown inside the “zm_conf_main_screen” layout
  3. How to hide “App accessing content in this meeting” Icon (Four box icon)
  4. How to change the video aspect ration

This is how I have implemented for join meeting for attendee:

val params = JoinMeetingParam4WithoutLogin()
params.zoomAccessToken = zoomCredentials?.zak
params.meetingNo = zoomCredentials?.meetingId
params.displayName = displayName
meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(this, params, opts)

Hi @elliot109 ,

Your implementation makes everyone join as host. In the best case scenario, there should only be 1 host starting meeting, and the rest of the attendees will join as normal user.

public int joinMeetingWithNumber(Context context, String meetingNo, String meetingPassword) {
    int ret = -1;
    MeetingService meetingService = mZoomSDK.getMeetingService();
    if(meetingService == null) {
        return ret;

    JoinMeetingOptions opts =ZoomMeetingUISettingHelper.getJoinMeetingOptions();

    JoinMeetingParams params = new JoinMeetingParams();

    params.displayName = DISPLAY_NAME;
    params.meetingNo = meetingNo;
    params.password = meetingPassword;
    return meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(context, params,opts);

I understand you are using default UI, you can use the interfaces below to customize certain parts of the UI

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