How to call getASController API in getPremeetingService?

How to call getASController API in getPremeetingService?@Derain_Yuan

Hi 8889999i,
Thanks for using Zoom SDK. We do not have this getASController API in PremeetingService. AS is app share, and it does not belong to Pre-meeting Service. Please refer to our doc for this API:


I want to do direct sharing screen in electron, do you have demo?@carson.zoom

Now I’m going to follow the demo of the meeting, but it’s not working @carson.zoom

Sorry, there’s nothing about direct share in Zoom demo, I have told you about the direct share API in your other questions, you need try to implement it by yourself.

I’m trying to implement it, but I’m not familiar with nodobjc, so I need your help.

Could you give me some examples, because I’ve been puzzled by this problem for a long time?@Derain_Yuan

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Unfortunately, we do not have any additional examples besides the demo app at this point. If you would like to know more about Nodobjc, the following link would be very helpful:

With the NodObjc bridge, you can implement the interfaces that are available in our Mac SDK based on your needs:

We will keep improving the Mac OS SDK doc. Hope this helps.

thanks you vary match

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