How to Share Screen in Electron SDK?


How to Share Screen in Electron SDK?


You have 2 ways to share screen.

  1. Using the toolbar in the bottom of meeting UI.
  2. If you want to use electron sdk interface to share a screen, you can refer to the function MeetingShare_StartMonitorShare in the file zoom_meeting_share.js.

I follow the second way, but throw an exception, you can see: Uncaught Exception:

TypeError: Meeting ASObj is not a function

At Object.MeetingShare_StartMonitorShare (/Users/mxj/project/zoom-macsdk-electron-4.3.47193.0321/demo/lib/mac/meeting_as_bridge.js:24:17)

At Object.MeetingShare_StartMonitorShare (/Users/mxj/project/zoom-macsdk-electron-4.3.47193.0321/demo/lib/zoom_meeting_share.js:53:31)

At share Desktop (/Users/mxj/project/zoom-macsdk-electron-4.3.47193.0321/demo/main_mac.js:386:13)

At EventEmitter.ipcMain.on (/Users/mxj/project/zoom-macsdk-electron-4.3.47193.0321/demo/main_mac.js:592:5)

At emitThree (events.js:136:13)

At EventEmitter. emit (events. js: 217:7)


At emitTwo (events.js:126:13)

At WebContents. emit (events. js: 214:7)



This is my code.


Well, it seems you are using MAC. Please ignore my comment. It is related to windows electron sdk.


What should I do in Mac? Who should I ask?


Please refer to api ‘- (ZoomSDKError)startMonitorShare:(CGDirectDisplayID)monitorID’ in ZoomSDKASController.h.

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