Mac SDK cannot share screen in electron。


Mac SDK cannot share screen in electron。

Which version?

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The onMeetingStatus function is not called because the meetingService Delegate callback is not invoked.


You can’t share without being in the meeting. Please refer to our demo code, do meeting action in the correct sequence.


I want to share on the electron screen like this
Click and enter the meeting number to share directly


@Derain_Yuan Thank you


like this


This is direct share feature, not share screen feature.

Please refer to api ‘- (ZoomSDKDirectShareHelper*)getDirectShareHelper’ and class ‘ZoomSDKDirectShareHelper’, ‘ZoomSDKDirectShareHandler’, call back delegate ‘ZoomSDKDirectShareHelperDelegate’ in ZoomSDKPremeetingService.h.

Electron SDK doesn’t have the demo code, you should write the js wrappper code by yourself.


Thank you for your patient answer @Derain_Yuan


Which API is invoked to invoke this window?


  • (ZoomSDKError)showScheduleEditMeetingWindow:(BOOL)show Window:(NSWindow**)window MeetingID:(long long)meetingUniqueID

Please refer to our api doc.

How to Call API in MACSDK to Arrange Meeting in Electron?

Thank you for your patient answer @Derain_Yuan