How to call User APIs Without Redirecting to Zoom Login Screen?


I want to create a functionality where I can check if a user has a Zoom account present by his email address. And I am using PHP to do so.

For this, I am trying to use ‘Check a User Email’ API.

But for this, if I create an ‘Oauth’ app and use its credentials it redirects the user to the Zoom login screen,
and if I try to create a ‘Server-to-Server OAuth’ app and use its credentials it gives me an ‘Invalid Client ID’ error.

Can someone please guide me on how to call these APIs from my PHP application without asking users to log in to a Zoom account?


@sfoujdar the check user email api only works if the user with that email belongs to our account.

The error that you are getting means that you arent making the call to generate the token correctly. Can you paste your logic in CURL format here?

Hi Ojus,

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, we figured out that there was an issue with the client credentials we were using to generate the token.

Thanks for your help.