Trying to build a very basic 'user directory' using ZOOM data, via the ZOOM API

I would like to build a website (web app, preferably with PHP) that displays the email and phone number information within ZOOM for a user whose first and last name I supply. I would like to limit this process to my Employer’s ZOOM accounts. Is this something that can be done via the ZOOM API? Or would a CSV export be more practical? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You can do so via our APIs and Event notifiers.

You can use the List Users API to get a list of users, and and you can also subscribe to our user created / updated / deleted events so that you can receive real time notifications every time there is an activity with the users in your account.

If you use Rest APIs you will get all the user details in your account along with the ones that you want. If you want a customized the response from our API (i.e. Name, email and phone number only), I suggest that you use GraphQL.

Great information. Thank you, @ojus.zoom !

So, this is my very first foray into the ZOOM API. I’ve gleaned that (I think) I need an ‘Account level’ application, instead of a ‘User level’ application. I believe I am trying to build a ‘Webhook Only’ type of application, right? (Or is another application type more appropriate for an Account level application that will primarily interface with the List Users API?)

Any other guidance you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

@jwest1 webhook only app is good when you want to use webhooks only. When you want to make API calls you need to create user managed OAuth app or server to server OAuth app.

Thanks for the advice. I was initially kind of confused, but I’ve determined that webhooks may not be sufficient; and, thanks to this post from @elisa.zoom , I now understand the difference between the two OAuth ‘flavors’. I believe I will be trying to build a server-to-server OAuth app.