How to change App owner /me user?

This is an additional question to my previous question. I’m getting the same error again and this is due to the wrong user being associated with the server-to-server OAauth app. When I use the /users/me end point I get back the wrong user. I suspect this is due that “wrong” user being the app creator. I found the following documentation suggesting that I should be able to transfer ownership of the app. But when I look at the “Created App” actions I only see “Remove app”.

Is there any way I can change the app owner/ the user associated with the app?

Hello @SuperDJ Unfortunately, there is no way to change the owner for the server2server App type at the moment. Its something we are woring on to possibly add in the future.

Regards, Kwaku

And what would happen if I was to disable the wrong user under “Added Apps > the app > Manage”? Will that remove the app as it would be disabled for the app creator?

Could give an ETA of when it would be possible to change owner of server2server apps?