How can an account Owner change Chatbot settings for a Chatbot app created by another Admin?

It appears that the Account Owner or Another Admin can not modify the settings of a chatbot that were not created by them. Are there any role permissions that can be granted to enable this?

It seems that the Owner can not even take over a chatbot by transferring ownership to themselves.

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I am the account owner. Another colleague was given Admin rights. He created a chatbot . Now I wish to change the bot end point or scopes etc of this chatbot but it appears there are no options in the portal to do so. The only option appears to be control the chat visibility or uninstall the app.

Owner can not even view any JID settings or bot end point settings.
This seems overtly restrictive and troublesome if the employee who created the bot leaves the company etc.

Is this intended?

Owner of the subscription or Admin roles should be able to modify settings of chatbots created by same or other roles.

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Hi @gauraves,

Only the original app developer will be able to modify the Chatbot app. If you need to transfer the app to another user on your account, this should be possible following these steps:

It’s not possible to transfer the app to another account, however.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

It appears that this option to transfer is also limited only to the original creator of the app. The Account Owner does not get an option to transfer the app created by another admin to themselves or to another developer.

This is overtly restrictive. In a production setting, you want a team of L3 engineers to be able to review/make changes (i.e change a message end point or descriptions etc). At the very minimum, the account owner should be able to take ownership of an app.

Employees do leave the organization and their accounts are disabled due to Info Sec policies immediately. If the original creator leaves, it seems there is no way to get ownership of the app without contacting Zoom Support?

Hi @gauraves,

Thanks for this feedback. You’re correct, if you need to account for cases where the original developer left without transferring the app, this will need to be handled by reaching out to Zoom Support directly.


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