How to change share resolution?


I have a user who has a big monitor screen.
Every time he shares his screen, it becomes laggy.
I suspect his network is weak.
So I want to reduce the resolution of his screen sharing.
But I can’t find the resolution options in the startShareScreen function.
How can I adjust the resolution for screen sharing?

Video web SDK: 1.7.10

Hey @thanh.huynh

Thanks for your feedback.

We have a feature named “Optimizing screen share for video clips”, which is used for optimized the sharing experience when sharing video clips, but it is also suitable for high-resolution sharing. The feature is available since Video SDK 1.6.2.

Here is a simple demo of the feature:

// On the screen share sending side
stream. startShareScreen(canvas ,{optimizedForSharedVideo:true});

// On the screen share receiving side:
// quality parameter is similar to the video quality, 3 - 720P, 2- 360P


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