Zoom SDK Screen Sharing Video blurry

Sharing youtube videos or any videos becomes blurry if optimize video clip for screen sharing is enabled


Which version?
1.8.3 and 1,8.6

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Share video on zoom native desktop app/ web sdk does not matter.
If viewing from WebSDK if optimize video clip for screen sharing is enabled, it will be blurry.
Viewing from Zoom native desktop app and Zoom mobile SDKs is fine

Reproducible on 1.8.3 and 1.8.6

Optimize video clip enabled:

Optimize video clip disabled:

It seems recently when we do the optimize the resolution dropped by a lot

@tommy we tested today and the screen sharing video quality is still very bad. If we unchecked the optimize video clip, the quality is good but was lagging. Do you have any suggestions on this?

Hey @developer-whova , @stw ,

Thanks for reporting this, our team is looking into the root cause. (CS-2832)

I will get back to you with updates.


Thank you, @tommy Our team is also trying to find some workaround but cannot. I hope it can be fixed soon! Now our customers have to use Livestream zoom to youtube for the video-sharing part as the workaround.

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Hey @stw ,

Glad to hear you have a work around in the meantime. I will keep you updated on the fix. :slight_smile:


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