[Linux] - How to change User's Screen Share Resolution from Raw Video Data?

Using the following code:

m_pVideoHelper->subscribe(userIdTarget, ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::ZoomSDKRawDataType::RAW_DATA_TYPE_VIDEO);

I able to change the resolution of user’s camera video to 360P.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for share screen resolution:

m_pVideoHelper->subscribe(userIdTarget, ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::ZoomSDKRawDataType::RAW_DATA_TYPE_SHARE);

When I apply this code, the resolution still cap and always be cap at 1920x1080. Is there any setting that I can use to change the user’s share screen resolution?

@rakkakeren , for sharescreen, you will not be able to specify a resolution. It will try to send at a higher resolution. You could choose to do a downscale once you can the YUV420 frame.

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