Zoom Web SDK issue with Lock meeting and waiting room

I am getting issue with zoom web SDK while using waiting room and lock meeting. Both features are not working for web SDK.
Lock Meeting ->
Web SDK -> When Host lock the meeting, Participate still are able to join the meeting, not getting any restrictions.
Android SDK -> When host lock the meeting, user is coming out from zoom screen without any message.

Waiting Room -> If i enable waiting room, participate is coming in waiting room, but when host try to admit it, nothing happening.
Same issue with androi SDK.

No error i am getting while using this.

Which version?
Using web sdk V1.7.7.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Lock Meeting.

  1. Start meeting from web sdk with HOST.
  2. Lock the meeting.
  3. Join meeting from web sdk with participate.

Actual Result -> User is able to join the meeting.
Expected Result -> User should not allow to join the meeting, and should get proper error message, that the meeting is lock.

Waiting Room ->

  1. Schedule meeting with waiting room enabled.
  2. start meeting with host.
  3. join meeting with participate.
  4. Participate will show in waiting room,
  5. Admit the participate with host.

Result-> Participate is not admitting.
Expected Result -> participate should admit in meeting.

Note -> When i tried to join multiple time, host admit participate every time, participate is not admitting, but for other participate, this participate name is showing multiple times in list.

Thanks for sharing this @gitesh.purbiya22,

Our Web SDK engineering team is investigating. (CS-1879)


Working after updating web sdk version to 1.7.8, not issue for now.

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Happy to hear upgrading to 1.7.8 fixed the issue! :slight_smile: