Waiting for confirmation of security review (TDD) doc

We passed our functional review on Oct 20th and had submitted our Security Review (TDD) doc on Sept 27th and again on Oct 25th. We had already waited to release the app into our production sandbox and now have numerous users waiting for this integration. The App Submission Review Doc has a checkbox [queued for security review] and [awaiting TDD submission] that are still not checked. Are we in the queue yet and have you received our TDD submission? Please let us know.

Which App?
Pulse (Oauth App, User-Managed)

Hi @JagLoop99,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I can confirm that your app is currently in our Security team’s queue.

The Security review team is currently experiencing a heavy volume of Marketplace Apps to review. For submissions which have passed the Functional review and are currently awaiting the Security review - the expected review/response time is ~2 weeks.

Thank you,